Estee Lauder’s La Mer division wanted to create a sophisticated and premium product campaign for their new serum product category, Genaissance. They sought to utilize a digital launch to position the serum as a premium leader in the luxury skincare space.


We partnered with La Mer’s creative, design and development teams to better understand the need and technical feasibility within Estée Lauder’s global site framework. Utilizing the extensive library of imagery and background story and high-fashion aesthetics, we translated the product quality into an elegant and visual language.

La Mer product design case study


The storytelling and premium looking campaign site brought the product experience to life. Integrated with video and imagery of the process and the product, the campaign communicated luxury through a visual flow. The delivery resonated with Estée Lauder as it gave rise to discussions about modernizing the global brand framework.


Design Strategy
Content Strategy


Creative Direction
Art Direction


Campaign Site
Mobile Experience

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